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Library Students Assistant Training: FAQ

Student Assistant Training Guide


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Library Opening Hours?

Library opening hours vary depending on the time of year. Click here to see the updated Library hours.

How do I print or photocopy?

Printing and photocopying services are available in the Library. Students receive an initial amount of free printing credit at the beginning of each semester but after that, you will need to pay for both services. The amount of free printing credit depends on what course you are studying.
If you have credit, just log in to any computer or photocopier in the Library and print your work. If you do not have credit, you will need to purchase this through the self-service payment machine available in the library or at the Finance Department.
Both the printers and photocopiers are located in a room near the entrance to the Library.

Can I scan my documents in Library? Do I need to pay?

Yes, you can use the scanning machine located in the printing room. You do not need to pay for scanning, you only need to make sure you have topped up your printing credits before printing a document. Please read the previous question for detailed instructions on printing credits.


Do I need to create a Library account to access the Library Books as well as Online Databases? Where do I need to login?

There are two different Library accounts you need to know about:First: AUD Library Account that allows you to check out books and physical materials as well as log in when you click on “Read Online” when searching the library selecting Full-Text Search

Second: AUD Library e-Resource Access that allows you to access Library electronic resources including databases on and off campus