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Library Students Assistant Training: shelving and shelf-reading

Student Assistant Training Guide



shelf-reading is an important task in library organizing library books, it ensures that each book is properly shelved and placed in the right place , in order to find it when its needed.

shelf-reading is a daily routine to correct the missshelved books by patrons.

every week a an assignment sheet placed on the circulation board will be placed , so students assistant will know which shelves are their responsibility , 

after the finish shelf-reading students must declare that the shelf- reading is done , so the supervisor will check after him.

its quite important to take your time while shelf-reading than to rush and make mistakes.

shelving books


 shelving materials is puting out books the places where they belong in the library collection.

shelving is first task students assistant should do after he/she finishes the starting routuines.

behind the circulation desk there are two books trolleys. one for the checked-in books that you can immidiatly start shelving it. the second one is usually books that patrons used it in the library and left it at the tables .

first you star with ordering the books on the cart, so the shelver will not run all over the library collections .


library collection


the main collection located at the back of the circulation desk , its arranged by subject (A-Z) ACCORDING TO THE lcc system.

Each row of shelves has a sign that states the general LCC range in that raw.

- the books that has a call number that starts with " REF" on the spine belong to the reference collection , located on the right side of the library , facing the study rooms.please always remember not to put and main collection book in the REF area ., likewise a book of main collection should go in the reference stacks.

- books that start with word " TOPIC" should go only to the TOPIC collection on the right side of the library before the reference collection, the call number is a LCC .

books that has IELP aon the spine of the books , should go to the right side of the library , opposite the TOPIC collection , its arranged by leve, 1-6 , each level is arranged numerically .

oversized books are usually the big books , that cant be fit in the main collection stacks , they are recognized by the word " OVERSIZE" in yellow label on the spine , its located on the right of the library right before the study rooms, it also LCC system .

DVD , MOVIES, and Documentaries are located in the area before the study rooms , its reconised by the DVD sing on the spine label (always remember that  the showed cases on the stacks  are empty , and the CD'S are placed on the drawers at the circulation desk , and arranged alphabetically .

fiction collection its located on the right side of the library , facing the circulation desk  has a specific classification , the call number starts with  " FIC" which means fiction , followed with  the first four letters of the author. its also arranged alphabetically .

Arabic fiction is has the same classification system as English fiction , only the letter ARBIC , to distinct between the English collection, it located on the right side of the library facing the directors office .

Juvenile collection: