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Library Services

A guide that provides information for the services and policies.

The Library supports an environment conducive to quiet study, research and group work. Students and other Library patrons are encouraged to observe the following rules:

  • Please lower your voice in the Library. Study rooms are available for group discussions.
  • Rowdy or and disruptive behavior is monitored and those exhibiting such behavior will be asked to leave.
  • The use of mobile phones is allowed in the Library but ringers must be switched off. Mobile phone conversations should be conducted outside the Library.
  • Facilities are available for the utilization of electronic equipment, i.e., laptops, TV/DVD, etc. Please use headphones/earphones to keep the noise level low or use the mute key on the computer.
  • Please use the Library’s furniture appropriately.
  • Please help maintain a clean atmosphere and remove personal items, papers, water bottles and litter when leaving the library.
  • Study space may not be reserved with unattended personal belongings. Unattended books, computers, etc. will be removed and relocated to Lost Property.
  • Water and covered drinks are permitted. Open drinks and food are not permitted.
  • Users that fail to observe these rules may be asked to leave the library and/or reported to Campus Security.
  • Requests from the media or outside organizations for taking photographs or videos in the Library should be directed to the University’s Communications office.
  • Photography or videography requests from members of the AUD community is permitted with the approval of the Director of Library Services and if it is for student projects, or AUD community purposes.
  • No photographs may be taken, or video recordings made, without the express permission of the Library patrons captured in the composition.
  • The Library supports the promotion of  events and services of direct interest to the AUD community, provided that this does not interfere with library operations and the scholarly environment of an academic library.
  • Posters that have been approved by the University's Communications office, may be displayed in designated locations, with the permission of the Director of Library Services.