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Copyright & Fair Use in the Classroom

This guide is intended to help faculty navigate the use and reproduction of copyright protected works in the classroom and on online course platforms.

Find films and documentaries on the library's video streaming platform - KANOPY

Can't find it on KANOPY? Should an appropriate license (educational) be available for this region, the provider might be able to include a requested title on the platform. Contact the library to initiate a request with the provider.

Find videos and films covered by public copyright licenses and in the public domain

  • Check that videos have been uploaded by the copyright owner and do not include infringing content.

  • If it is not clear that a resource is in the public domain, contact the copyright owner/publisher directly, or use it on a fair use basis.

  • Be sure to acknowledge the original creator even if the work is in the public domain.

  • Observe the terms of use specified by public copyright licenses.

Apply for public performance licenses (single title screenings) through licensing agents