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Copyright & Fair Use in the Classroom

This guide is intended to help faculty navigate the use and reproduction of copyright protected works in the classroom and on online course platforms.

International conventions support the fair and free use of protected material for the advancement of knowledge and accordingly, UAE copyright law (Article 22.8) allows for teachers to copy, quote, scan, clip short extracts of copyrighted material (text, video, images, etc.) in the course of preparing and delivering classes. The understanding is, that the material used, should not adversely affect the moral or economic rights of the owner and that the use should be limited and specific to the purpose.


Fair use is always decided on a case by case basis. Use the categories described under the different factors in the infographic to determine and build a case for the use and reproduction of copyrighted material. Complete the checklist (under Tools) and keep a record of your evaluation when necessary, and to demonstrate good faith in your use of a work.


UAE Copyright Law - Article 22.8 

"Reproduction of written, sound or audio-visual short excerpts for cultural, religious, educational or vocational training purposes, provided that copying be in the reasonable limits of its purpose and that the name of the author and the title of the work be mentioned wherever is possible and that the copying authority does not aim at direct or indirect profit and that license for copying was unobtainable in accordance with the provisions of this law."

Federal Law No. (7) of the Year 2002 Concerning Copyrights and Neighboring Rights Article 22 [Permitted Acts] -






Tools to help you evaluate fair use