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Literacy and Skills Development Workshop: Unleash your Potential

Celebrate International Literacy Day and Pass on a Skill

Learn something new or improve your skills.


Online educational resources including "massive open online courses" or MOOCs are offered by universities, organizations and private companies. They are open to anyone with access to the Internet and offer short term, flexible or self-paced courses. Some courses and resources are offered for free, others require a fee. 


The following resources are among the more popular examples of  online learning courses and resources. Please note that they may include advertisements and costs for upgrading services. Inclusion of these resources in this list does not reflect an endorsement and users of this guide are responsible for evaluating and using these platforms.

Learn a Language

Coding and Information Technology

Public Lectures

Professional and Workplace Skills

Online Courses from Universities

Many universities now offer short online courses.  Some of these courses are free and are suitable for independent and motivated learners.