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Introduction to How we learn

To build your learning skills, we need to look at 2 things:

  1. How we learn: We can break it down into 3 steps, like a computer or app might do...  
    • INPUT:  You have to gain new knowledge, you have to gather information, input the information into your brain. NOTE TAKING is an important skill during the input stage of learning. 
    • PROCESS: You have to understand the information, to do something with the knowledge, to process the information. STUDYING effectively is how we understand what we are learning.
    • OUTPUT: You have to produce something, you have to use the information, output the information so that the teacher knows what you have learned. TESTING or making final projects is how we demonstrate what we have learned.
  2. How we learn can also be INFLUENCED or affected by many factors. There are 3 big things that affect AUD students learning outcomes: 
  • STYLE: your strengths, your preferences, your weaknesses, your learning style
  • ORGANIZATION: Is your time well spent, is it productive? Do you know your priorities? Are your tasks and work organized?
  • ANXIETY: Are you rushing? Are you nervous about the past and present? How can you control anxiety?

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