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Country Information & Country Profiles

This guide consists of mainly reliable web resources that will help you start your research on different themes within different countries.

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"Joint Statement On World Refugee Day." Delegation Of The European Union To The United States, 2017,

What is a country profile?

Country profiles, sometimes referred to as "country overviews" or "country reports", are brief guides that provide information or overviews on different countries throughout the world.  Overviews can provide a brief survey of a country's geography, history, politics, economy, international relations, culture, travel, current affairs, media, and a number of other topics.


Country profiles vary in how much information they provide and the type of information they provide.  Some overviews are brief while others provide an in-depth survey of specific topics and statistics


Country profiles are an excellent starting point for research or getting to know a country before travel, study abroad or for general information for papers and projects.