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Library Basics | Survival Guide

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Search Discovery to find Books, Articles and more.

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Find a Resource by Format or Subject

Identify online library databases (subject-specific, multidisciplinary, professional / articles, books, images, videos)

Find specific journals, magazines, newspapers (print and online)

Navigate library and Web resources using subject and course-specific library guides

Explore our Digital Collections

Search Strategies

Use reference sources to explore your topic or subject interest

  • Identify and make a note of terms and concepts relevant to your topic 

  • Identify scholars and individuals important to your subject area

  • Gather background knowledge on your topic

  • Use subject guides relevant to your subject area to identify specific reference sources

Test your topic

Is it original

  • Has someone already answered your research question?

Test the “So what” factor

  • Is it relevant?

  • Is the answer obvious?

  • Why would your audience be interested?

Is it feasible to complete

  • Is there enough information on the topic?
  • Is there enough time to cover the information required to answer your research question?
  • Are the resources required available to you?

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