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Academic Support: ONLINE LEARNING - News & Ideas

Office of Student Retention and Success

Quick tips

Feeling like its hard to keep up with online learning?   -> Work ahead when you can.   -> Give yourself extra time to do things. Digital everything takes longer! Be present online at class time.  -> Make a schedule, stick to it. Make a private space for class. 

Tech problems?  -> Communicate with your professors. Ask for help. Try again. (We are all learning.) 

Having trouble with multi-tasking in online lessons?   -> Try not to switch back and forth between screens. Sometimes using a good old notebook is the key here, especially when trying to follow along with your professors' lectures. Do NOT rely on recordings! These don't always work, professors don't always use them. Be present online at class time (oh, did I say that already?) :) 

Feeling uncertain about the finals and the future?  -> We are all in this together. Support each other. Reach out to AUD folks. We are open and we are here for you! 

Adobe Download

Adobe have today given students free access the Adobe Suite to help them with their online learning systems.

This will continue until the 31st of May:

  1. Visit and use your school credentials to sign in.
  2. If prompted, select Company or School Account and then enter your password. Or provide your credentials in your school’s login screen (AUD email & password).
  3. From the Creative Cloud website, browse for and download your desired app. Click Apps on the top of the page to view all apps.

Online Learning

Dear Online AUDians!

Spring break is over and it’s time to get online! Remember, it is your responsibility to read and stay up to date with ALL emails and BlackBoard Announcements (and they aren't always the same thing). With that in mind… I know that being a successful online student is hard work, but it isn’t difficult: I know because I am one, so trust me. :)  As you get started, I’d like to share some really important advice on how to succeed online. This email is a little long, but please read to the end. It’s worth your time.

  1. Get I.T. together! Make sure you have a reliable internet connection. Make sure your laptop is working (No, you can’t do online learning on your phone, more on that shortly). Get your headphones out. Make sure your school emails are coming through, including Blackboard announcements. Set up notifications.
  2. Dedicate space and time: Make a space at home where you won’t be interrupted. Shut the door. Be in that space at class time. Dedicate yourself to your classes just like if you had to be in the classroom. Do some work each day and don’t get behind (I know how easy to get behind I.R.L., and it’s even easier in an online class because you are more isolated and don’t see your classmates or professors all the time. Be accountable to yourself with a checklist or make yourself accountable to a buddy- this could be a friend, your parents, me, or anyone who will help you stay in line.)
  3. Use BlackBoard on the web:
    • Again- No, you can’t do online learning on your phone-based Blackboard App! It does not have all the capabilities that the web browser Blackboard does (Chrome works the best).
    • If you have never used Blackboard on a web browser, then login now and take a look around all of your courses. You will need to check the Announcement section because sometimes these aren’t automatically sent to your emails and your professors will be using them more than ever now. Check the Tools section too.
    • Blackboard is a really intuitive and powerful learning platform, and your professors will be exploring new Blackboard Tools. Each course will probably be set up online a little differently – so read carefully your professors’ instructions! Get ready to use Discussion Boards, Collaborate Ultra, and other features! (See your email from IT for detailed instructions and they are also just below if you need to download them.)
  4. Stay active: This can be a huge challenge to online learning – figuring out how to get the most out of the online environment. My personal experience and advice for success is to check in on BlackBoard each day, read all Announcements, and try new things. Tech glitches will happen. Try again. Keep at it. Your professors are working hard on this transition too, and they each might use the online learning environment differently. Ask questions. We are all in this together. :) 

If you need help for online learning, please ask. Available resources:

  • The IT Help Desk is active.
  • Your professors and advisors are here for you too.
  • Synkers App has launched online peer tutoring options, so check the App for updates and specifics on that service. Peer tutoring may still available, though limited.
  • I am always here for advice by email, and I’ve set up a chat box (OVER THERE-->) that you can use anytime for questions… as well as the “Ask me Anything” discussion board.
  • I’ll also be adding more resources for online learning as we progress in this adventure!

With your success in mind,

Trayle Kulshan

Senior Academic Support Coordinator

DL: +971 4 318 3581

+971 4 399 9000 Ext: 581


IT GUIDE for BlackBoard Collaborate for STUDENTS

Online Students by Trayle Kulshan

Words of Wisdom


Link to the College Info Geek podcast about Working from Home (Excellent!)


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