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Reference Management Tool


After saving references using the Mendeley Web Importer, remember to click the sync button in your Mendeley Desktop. 

Also, after working in the desktop make sure you click the sync button so that you can see all of those changes the next time you open Mendeley web. 

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Get started

After installing the Mendeley Web Importer to your preferred browser, you should see a Mendeley icon somewhere in the top menu bar of your browser window. If you hover your mouse over it, you should see the text "Import to Mendeley." 


To import citations to Mendeley from the web or a database:

  1. Have open in your browser a web-based PDF or an individual record in a database.
  2. Click on the Import to Mendeley icon and a pop-up box will appear 
  3. Prior to clicking "Save" in this pop up box. If you do not choose a folder or group, it will be imported to your "All documents" library, and you can add it to a folder or group later.


adding citation