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mendeley desktop vs. mendeley web

Although Mendeley Desktop and Mendeley Web look similar, there are some feature differences.

Mendeley Desktop: Mendeley Desktop is the downloaded part of the software installed onto your computer. Download Mendeley Desktop if you haven't already.

Mendeley Web:  (also called Mendeley Online, or the online interface) This is the Mendeley website where you can access the web version of your library, edit your profile and search for papers, groups or people. You can also access Mendeley's social features.

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Install and Setup


Create a free Mendeley Web account.

1. Click on the red "Create a free account button" on the Mendeley homepage.

  1. Download Mendeley Desktop to your personal computer
  2. Install the Mendeley Web Importer into your web browser
  3. . Log in to Mendeley desktop using the information for the account .

  1. Install the Mendeley MS Word Plugin to insert citations and bibliographies into your Microsoft Word documents.
  2. Mendeley is available as a mobile app for the iPad and iPhone.  It is a free download from the iTunes App Store.