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Technology in Business : focus on Blockchains or Cryptocurrencies or Digital Currencies

Combining two fields of Business and Technology and therefore searching within different Library resources is suggested in this guide; mainly used for BUSI301 (Business Research) course.

Company Types

Public Companies

A company that has issued securities and trades on a stock exchange. These companies are regulated by the SEC and are required disclose financial statements and annual 10-k reports. As such, more information is available for public companies. Use any of the resources within this research guide to search for public company information.

Private Companies

A company that is privately owned and does not have shares that are traded in public exchanges. Private companies are more difficult to research because they are not required to meet the same filing requirements of public companies. To research a private company search for current news articles, magazine profiles, and within trade publications using the resources found within the Current News & Articles section. Keep in mind that the smaller the company the less information you'll be likely to find.


A company that is completely or partially owned and controlled by a parent company. It is best to research the parent company to find information regarding the subsidiary. First determine the parent company by using a resource such as Mergent Online or LexisNexis. Then follow the suggestions for researching public and private companies.

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Company Research Path

Search resources on companies that provide the products that you are focusing on, then determine which industries they belong to. Such companies can be identified by searching through directories, trade association materials, company reports, and trade journals.

Basically the following steps will help you find company information:

 1. Search the company in the Library databases.

 2. Look at the company's website.

 3. Search for newspaper, journal and trade publication articles about the company.

You may find it useful to know what type of company it is: public or private, a subsiduary or a non-profit.

Company Sources

Company Financials