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Sales, Retail and Marketing

This guide benefits MKTG201, MKTG321 & MKTG311 as well as Marketing Research and related

Sociocultural Trends

Gallup Inc.  – world class public opinion polling organization with a focus on politics and economics, but other issues included too

Pew Research Foundation – General topic list  --  provides a free monthly report 

Demographic Data

There is a wealth of demographic data available. Some of the best sources can be found here--


Statistical Abstract of the United States--Easy-to-read resource filled with demographic and business data drawn from the U.S. Census, both historic and current

Data Center--Free, tightly-focused data on New Orleans--people, business, and post-Katrina recovery. The 'Neighborhood Data Profiles' (click at top of  GNOCDC page) could be very useful.

Pew Research Center--Washington, D.C. think tank that specializes in polling the trends that shape American life--demography, internet use, religion, and the press. Follow the navigation tabs at the top of their homepage to see data sets about internet use, religion, etc.