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Tutors: COMP

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Name Course Gender ID Major AUD email Languages
Alaa Arnaout COMP101 Female 2107035820 Psychology Arabic and English 
Amal Nasr COMP101 Female 2205036983 Psychology Arabic and English
Anthony Jreige Comp101 Male 2104035379 Communication and Information Studies - DPST Arabic/English
Cathlyn Nassif COMP101 Female 2201036443 Interior Design English, Arabic, French
Fida Faizal COMP101 Female 1807032233 Architecture english, hindi, malayalam
Georges Abdallah COMP101 Male 2111036197 Computer Engineering English, French, Arabic
Mayada Daaboul COMP101 Female 2204036848 Communication and Information Studies - Journalism English/Arabic
Raeesa Fathima  COMP101 Female 2111036178 Business - Finance English, Hindi and Urdu 
Shaameen Jawad COMP101 Female 1912033583 Psychology English, Urdu
Zhwan Anwer COMP101 Female 2208037574 Civil Engineering English and Arabic