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Saudi Arabia: General Authority for statistics

About GaStat



The General Authority for Statistics GASTAT is a governmental entity that enjoys an independent legal personality. GASTAT’s Board of Directors was formed by Cabinet Resolution No. (11) dated 13-1-1437 AH, under the chairmanship of HE the Minister of Economy and Planning, and the membership of: the Minister of Trade and Investment, Minister of Finance, Minister of Labor and Social Development, Minister of Education, Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources. In addition to their Excellencies: Director of the National Information Center, President of the General Authority for Statistics, and two other specialized in the field of GASTAT work ; appointed by a decision fromthe Council of Ministers and based on the nomination of the Board’s Chairman . The Chairman of the Board selects the Board’s Deputy from the Ministers the members of the Board. 

GASTAT is the only official statistical reference for statistical data and information in Saudi Arabia. It executes all the statistical work, in addition to the technical oversight of the statistical sector, which includes a multiple system of centers and statistical units established within the administrative structures of government agencies and some private sector institutions as well.

GASTAT supervises the implementation of the national strategy for statistical work in coordination with the relevant entities. It also designs and implements field surveys, conducts statistical studies and researches, analyzes data and information, in addition to thedocumentation and archiving works of information and statistical data that cover all aspects of life in Saudi Arabia from its multiple sources. Data are written, classified, and analyzed; their indicators are extracted as well.

GASTAT prepares statistical classifications and guides according to international standards to be used and updated. It also prepares statistical bulletins and reports of field surveys as well as statistical researches for publishing purposes. 

Moreover, it also supervises the formation of a comprehensive system of national databases ofthe various statistical fields available at the data sources. It also works to spread knowledge and statistical awareness, and providesrecommendations to public entities to develop all the information systems and methodologies ofthe statistical work.

The General Authority for Statistics is the official body responsible for providing publicentities, private establishments, individuals and international organizations with official statistics in accordance with statutory procedures; in order to support policy and decision-makers in these entities to move forward in implementing the developmental plans. On the other hand, statistical censuses such as the general population, housing and establishments’ census are considered the most important products of GASTAT, in addition to the periodic statistical indicators and indices in the economic, social, health, educational, agricultural, and workforce fields. 

GASTAT also provides its services and statistical products through a huge digital base for data, indicators and statistics of various development fields in the Kingdom in different forms andmultimedia. That is to facilitate the obtaining of the statistical data and information by the clientsin a quick and efficient way, and at the highest level of transparency, accuracy and integration between the components of the statistical sector.