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Faculty Services

AUD Library’s Collection Development Policy supports the development of a diverse collection of reference and circulating materials, as well as external resources, to support the primary goals of the American University in Dubai:

  • Prepare students for careers in the majors offered by the University;
  • Provide a well-rounded liberal arts education;
  • Promote diversity in the student body and educational programs;
  • Encourage the development of critical thinking and other meta-literacy skills;
  • Support the research and staff development needs of AUD faculty and staff.

Selection criteria for different material types include:

  • Titles identified as core to a program;
  • Authority (reputation of author, contributors, editorial board, etc.);
  • Reputation of publisher;
  • Currency and timeliness (in subject areas where this is applicable);
  • Reviews and subject recommendations;
  • Lasting value to subject area;
  • Relationship of title to existing collection (duplicates or updates, cover gaps, extends breadth and depth of coverage);
  • Quality (of illustrations, etc.);
  • Format (should be in a format suitable for circulation, does not require equipment no longer maintained in the library, or special storage and maintenance);
  • General interest and demand;
  • Cost.

Additional criteria for periodicals:

  • Availability of indexing and finding tools (exceptions to this may occur, particularly in the area of art or local publications);
  • Scope, authority and duration of a publication;
  • Post-termination access for electronic titles;
  • Cost, including annual inflation rates.

Additional criteria for electronic resources include:

  • Technical feasibility;
  • Functionality and reliability;
  • Vendor support;
  • Supply;
  • Licensing.  



The following types of materials, unless they can be shown to serve a recognized need not met by comparable materials, are not considered for acquisition:

  • Textbooks and accompanying material. Exceptions include textbooks recognized as exceptional or classics to their field of study, or in the case, where they are the only source of information in an area.
  • Specialized titles or subject areas beyond the needs of the programs of study;
  • Rare materials; and limited editions;
  • Formats not easily accessible or supported by library equipment or facilities;
  • Out-of-print materials. Exceptions may include titles that meet a particular need in the collection.


  • Drop in at the Library and browse publishers' catalogs.
  • Reviews in journals and trade publications - in print, and available online through the library's discovery platform.


The Library houses circulating and non-circulating materials and provides access to electronic resources.


Books from the general collection, DVD’s, ESL readers, Topic books, back issues of journals, course reserve material, iPads and other electronic items.


Reference books, current periodicals and newspapers.

  • AUD library provides access to a range of online resources, including eBooks, reference, research and professional databases.
  • All users are required to have an assigned login and password to access these resources.
  • Access to our subscription databases off-campus, as per our license agreements, is available to currently enrolled students, staff and faculty.
  • Certain online resources require additional applications for our subscription content to be viewed. Contact library staff if you require assistance with this.
  • AUD faculty may place Library or personal material on reserve for the use of their students. Items will be kept at the Circulation desk, and issued to students according to the agreed loan periods.
  • Library and personal items can be placed on reserve by completing and submitting a  Course Reserve Form online. The library will notify faculty when the item is available on reserve for circulation.
  • Personal items should be handed over at the circulation desk after submitting the online request form. Personal items will be returned to faculty at the end of each semester or as specified.
  • All items placed on reserve must abide by UAE and international copyright laws.
  • As a general policy, AUD Library does not purchase textbooks for the collection. The ordering of textbooks is not managed by the Library, and students are required to purchase their own print or eBook copies through the campus bookshop.
  • The library does purchase, on a demand basis, a copy of the approved textbook for teaching faculty, should they require it. Textbooks purchased by the Library remain the property of AUD library and should be returned at the end of the semester. Please complete and submit a Faculty Textbook Request Form to ensure that a copy of the approved title for a course is available for your teaching purposes.
  • Faculty members may request that their copy or any extra copy of a textbook, be placed on reserve for their students.
  • The Library may add textbooks to the collection if it is decided that the textbook supports long-term research or covers an emerging research area.  
  • Please allow enough time for the purchase and processing of required textbooks.