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Academic Support: HELP! AUD Academic Resources

Office of Student Retention and Success

HELP! AUD Academic Resources - Summer 2020


Hi AUDians

Due to the COVID-19 precautionary measures, the on-campus help centers are physically closed for now - but they are still open for business to support you through Summer 1 2020. 

So, if you need help with online learning, there is still lots of help available: 

  • Click on the ONLINE LEARNING tab above ^ for special tips, resources, and news!
  • Tutors are active with online tutoring through MS Teams, Synkers, or Blackboard, so continue to use the tutor request form below or Synkers app if you need help.
  • Math Tutoring Center is online
  • Writing Center is online, available by email, & gives your access to Grammarly
  • Grade Guru live DAILY sessions

Lastly, I have some good ideas for online resources and tips, so drop me an email or use the handy chatbox (over there -->) on this page to ask me if for help.

Online learning is a challenge! I've sent you a tips email already about that. Keep on it!

Peer Tutor Request Form

Summer 1 2020

The Academic Support Office has a roster of vetted AUD student tutors who have already taken and done well in many AUD courses. You can see Ms. Trayle in C-326 to get connected to a tutor or Use the Tutor Request Form below... Just click on "Begin" in the blue square. 

ALSO! You can find AUD tutors on the SYNKERS app!

If you would like to become a tutor on our roster, please come and apply! 

Math Tutoring Center

Summer 1 2020

Math Center is available online! Everyday - see below for timings!

Link for MTC Blackboard session - Just enter with your Student ID:

Students may visit us at any time in the opening hours and get help from our team of tutors. The math tutors are a great resource, especially if you are struggling with your developmental class.

In addition to the walk-in service, students are encouraged to book activities, for example, recurrent tutoring sessions, or group sessions on specific topics. For such requests, simply schedule an appointment by email to

MTC Su20 by Trayle Kulshan

Writing Center

Summer 1 2020

The Writing Center can help you with your papers: 

Request feedback or a live session by email - 

please make sure to send a copy of your assignment along with your draft so that tutors can better assist you.

Email: or  AUD Writing Center

Grammarly is available! (see your email from the writing center for login information)

AUD offers the free services of a Writing Center where AUD students can receive one-to-one assistance on writing tasks. Students can receive assistance on assignments at various stages of the process of completion. 

Assistance is provided by full-time instructors on writing tasks in any discipline, with a focus on developing overall academic writing skills. 

Tutors will work with students in 20-40 minute sessions to improve a particular assignment, but more importantly to improve their writing skills overall, including grammar, punctuation, organization, transitions, thesis development, and critical thinking, to name a few.

In addition to your instructor, you can receive assistance on your writing assignments from tutors in the virtual Writing Center. To use the virtual writing center, all you need to do is to check the weekly schedule and email your draft and concerns to the tutor who is available.


The Writing Center will be operational beginning in Week 2 of the semester and remain open until the last day of classes.   If you choose to take advantage of this free service, please make sure to send a copy of your assignment along with your draft so that tutors can better assist you.


* NEW: We have ESL / TOEFL specialists available!

The Writing Center is found in the Library -  Study Room 4 (online on the Library page for now, link above)

Writing Su20 by Trayle Kulshan


Summer 1 2020

Librarians are available for online support! 

AUD Library

AUD librarians are always available to provide reference, research, and citation support. If you need help with your research, drop-in at the library or email us. You will find our Research Librarian near the Writing Center. 

Library instruction sessions are offered throughout the year. These sessions include database instruction and research skills guidance.

Subject guides, course guides and web tutorials are available to support research in subject and specific course areas.

Grade Guru Help Center

Summer 1 2020

The Grade Guru is available through the chatbox on this page and is holding online sessions every day at lunch.

Grade Guru Blackboard Session Link: 

The Grade Guru is located ONLINE! 

Email, Chat box, Blackboard

but she moves around a lot... see below

Grade Guru sessions are held every day at lunch for advice on any academic skills like organization, time management, study skills, test-taking skills, or any questions you might have. You can also schedule an appointment for one-on-one help by contacting the Academic Support Coordinator by email: 

Speaking Skills Center

On-campus help centers are inactive for now.

The Speaking Skills Center is located in the Library study room 1!

Spring 2020 HOURS!

Don't be nervous about your presentation! The Speaking Skills center can help you practice and perfect your presentation for any class project. 

Speaking Skills Center - Spring 2020 (closed for now)

Academic Support Coordinator