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COMM201 | Course Guide


Research Tools

The Library has a large collection of books to help improve academic writing skills. Use the library catalog or browse the shelves (PE 1408). A few examples include:

Web resources:

Style manuals prescribe the format required to compile citations for a research paper. Disciplines favor different citation styles. Be sure to refer to your instructor for the preferred citation manual for your program. 

Use a citation management tool to collect, organize, share and format citations. Remember to discuss the use of these tools with your lecturer. Watch the following video tutorials on three popular online tools: EasyBib, Zotero and Mendeley

Intellectual Property Rights

Original works, whether published or not, that exist in a tangible medium, are protected by copyright.

Fair use allows for the limited copying of copyrighted material for specific purposes without first obtaining the permission of the copyright owner. Activities that may fall under fair use include: criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Material in the Public Domain is generally free to use and copy but certain restrictions may apply.


For more information see the following resources:

AUD students should familiarize themselves with AUD's official academic honesty policy. 


Avoid plagiarism by citing judiciously and practicing how and when to quote, paraphrase and summarize. See Purdue OWL for help on this.